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"What I like most about volunteering is the people…"

"What I like most about volunteering is the people…"

We want to tell about everyone without whom the work of our volunteer initiative Shelter Ukraine would be simply impossible. Today, we want to share with you a story of a volunteer from Bohuslav, where, together with the NGO "Bohuslav Sich" and within the framework of the Shelter Ukraine initiative, we were able to distribute 230 food, hygiene and children's kits among internally displaced Ukrainians affected by the war. Kseniia Fedusenko will tell us why she decided to volunteer, will share her stories and tell us what she will do first after winning

«First of all, I associate volunteering, of course, with help - it doesn't matter what kind of help and for whom, the main thing is to help those who need it!».

I am Kseniia Fedusenko. I am 26 years old. I am from the city of Bohuslav, which is in the Kyiv region. I am a journalist and currently a volunteer. It is actually impossible to single out a specific day, time or moment when my "volunteer story" began. Just somehow, somewhere at the end of March, I responded to the offer of a colleague and friend to help in the formation of kits for those who need them. And then, after getting to know the team of volunteers, feeling that the work they do is not only important, but for someone even vital - I wanted to become a part of this team!

The thing I like most about volunteering is people, however strange it may sound. Why people? Because mostly they fill the weekdays of volunteers. Good, grateful, pleasant citizens who are now forced by fate to look for help and support in completely unfamiliar places.

When I joined the volunteer initiative, one of my tasks, in addition to helping unload the humanitarian aid and forming kits, was working in the call center. That is, you need to call the person, find out about their family’s needs and put all this information into an electronic application. Nothing interesting, right? However, there are also unusual, fascinating, sincere and funny stories here.

Well, the first thing after the victory I... oh, it turns out that it is difficult to answer this question right away... Of course, I will be happy, hug my family, friends and acquaintances and look forward to the return of those who made out Victory possible at such a high price! Oh, and one more thing: after the russian evil perishes and disappears from our motherland, Ukraine, I will go to the sea! Yes, I'll just gather my nearest and dearest and go to the sea because everyone needs a little rest...

We are grateful to everyone who joins our work, you are the best and do a very important job! And, of course, we thank those who support us so that we can continue to help people.


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