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Shelter Ukraine

The humanitarian initiative was implemented on February 28 and is aimed at helping the civilian population affected by the war. The initiative is implemented thanks to SILab Ukraine and our partners Valores Foundation, VPLYV Foundation and Teple Misto. Together, we set up shelters and provide internally displaced persons with food, medicine and hygiene products. As of August 22, within the framework of the Shelter Ukraine initiative, we have already supported and equipped 142 shelters, helped 38,586 internally displaced persons and distributed 16,237 food, medical, hygiene and children's kits. We do not plan to stop and will continue to support our citizens as long as necessary.

Express Online Incubator

In June, together with our partners 1to4 Foundation, we held an Express online incubator for the creation and development of social enterprises. During the first month of the war, we conducted a survey among social entrepreneurs. We were interested in how many social entrepreneurs continued to work and were able to transform their activities considering the challenges of the war. At the same time, we saw that in addition to long-standing social enterprises, new ones are being created, and they need knowledge for the further development of their enterprises.


21 teams passed the online incubator. Five teams selected from among the enterprises - graduates received social investments in the form of smart grants ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 euros from the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund.

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Ukrainian Social Venture Fund

In January 2020, SILab Ukraine became one of the co-founders of the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund. This is the first fund in Ukraine to support the development of social entrepreneurs. In February of the same year, the first social investments were issued made. You can learn more about the fund here.

Collaborate for Impact

Collaborate for Impact project aims to support and develop social entrepreneurship ecosystems in Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The project will distribute €300,000 to financially support social businesses. Such funding will stimulate the creation of new Ukrainian enterprises and the development of existing ones, which are based on the achievement of social and environmental changes. Separate focus will be paid to increasing the number of impact investors in Ukraine. 

Local programs for the social entrepreneurship development

During 2019-2020, SILab Ukraine experts with the support of the “PROMIS: Partnership for Urban Development” participated in the creation of the first programs for urban social entrepreneurship development in Ukraine. The very first program was approved by the Vinnytsia City Council in May 2020, the Program of Social Entrepreneurship Development in the Ivano-Frankivsk City Territorial Community was approved at the beginning of 2021.

SELab social entrepreneurship accelerator

SELab Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator is an ongoing program of the organization, aimed at helping future social entrepreneurs to find ideas for social enterprise, turn them into business models and prepare for their launch. The alumni community encompasses thousand of people who have participated in four acceleration programs, two international schools of social entrepreneurship, eight hackathons, more than thirty "idea garages" and training programs. More than twenty social entrepreneurs have launched their businesses. To participate in the program, follow the announcements. You can learn more about the accelerator here.

Digital LABs for social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship experts

Digital LABs is a joint initiative of SILab Ukraine and the British Council in Ukraine, supported by the House of Europe. This is a training program for social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship coaches. The training takes place online with the participation of unique and inspiring both Ukrainian and international experts and cases that help to find new solutions and move forward. The current course is over, follow the announcements on our channels.

Maximize Your Impact

The guide was developed within “Know Your Impact: Social Impact Management Tools for Young Social Entrepreneurs” by Estonian Social Enterprise Network, Koç University Social Impact Forum, Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting and Social Value UK. SILab Ukraine translated it in the Ukrainian language and promote it all over Ukraine. Download here.

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Handbook "50 ideas for social enterprise"

Following the results of the four hackathons on social entrepreneurship held in 2019 in Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kryvyi Rih and Kharkiv, the SILab Ukraine team compiled a brochure describing the top 50 ideas that have become business models. Read and download the handbook.

Impact Investment Conference

In February 2020, SILab Ukraine initiated and organized the International Conference "Impact Investment: First Experience and a Glimpse into the Future". Experts and social investors from Ukraine and the EU analyzed the first experience of providing social investments by big business, funds and private investors, as well as opportunities for the development of this area in Ukraine. You can learn more about the conference here.

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A guide to the experience of social order in Ukraine and Latvia

In 2019, based on the results of the joint project "Municipalities and Social Enterprises: Interaction for the Social Economy Development " with the International Accelerator of Social Entrepreneurship “New Door” (Latvia), SILab Ukraine prepared a guide "Successful cooperation practices in services procurement between municipalities and social enterprises". The guide demonstrates the best practices of involving social enterprises, which operate on the basis of public and charitable organizations, in the provision of social and medical services for municipalities, primarily on the basis of the "social order". The text of the guide can be found here.

Study visits

In July 2021, within the frame of the USAID “Economic Support for Eastern Ukraine” project, SILab Ukraine organized a study tour for social entrepreneurs from Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts to Chernivtsi, where we they studied the experience of social enterprises in this community. Additionally, during 2017 and 2018, in cooperation with the International Accelerator of Social Entrepreneurship “New Door” (Latvia), “Kalmar” co-working space (Sweden) and with the support of the Swedish Institute, SILab Ukraine organized three international visits for social entrepreneurs and local governments representatives to Latvia and Sweden. Participants studied the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship and the practices of establishing partnerships among social businesses in these countries.

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