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Quality child's sleep: how social enterprise Spoonki learned to put children to bed quickly

Today is the third month of our programme, the Express Online Incubator for Social Enterprise Creation and Development. Our teams are already actively implementing their ideas, which they worked out together with our experts and mentors during the training, Spoonki being one of them.

Spoonki is a cuddle pillow to comfortably solve children's sleep problems. Today, 75% of children show signs of cognitive stress. Children's sleep disorders are the result of prolonged exposure to stressful conditions, such as changing places of residence, rocket attacks, and the loss of their homes.

"Our idea was to provide parents with an auxiliary tool for putting their children to bed. We ourselves faced the problem that due to nervousness and stress, children had more difficulty falling asleep and woke up more often at night. Analysing the situation allowed us to develop pillows that help children achieve a quality healthy sleep" - Hanna Tretyakova, co-founder of the social enterprise Spoonki.

When we asked Hanna why they chose the social enterprise model, she answered that it was a matter of feeling, because today most Ukrainians not only understand the importance of their actions for society but are also ready to take responsibility for scaling their social impact.

During the Spring Express Online Incubator, the company's team actively participated in all workshops and additional consultations, and then successfully presented their business idea during the final stage of the programme - the Demo Day.

"We came to the incubator doubting whether our idea had a chance not only of commercial success but also of bringing the desired changes to the lives of Ukrainian families with children. Our hypotheses were confirmed by the fact that we felt incredibly supported and engaged by the mentors and participants of the programme. The confidence that our product is necessary, desirable and useful is what we received at the end of the programme," Anna told us.

Today, the company is preparing to launch its website and is already actively selling its product: "During the programme, we transformed from a 'project' into a 'business'. We have our first sales and our first satisfied customers! Thanks to our participation in the programme, we have defined such fundamental concepts as cost and value. It brought us as close as possible to our customers."

We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with the Spoonki team because we value not only their sincerity and desire to make changes, but also their responsibility, perseverance, and ambition. These are the traits that make businesses successful and help them scale their impact.

If you want to improve your baby's sleep, establish cooperation, or simply support the Spoonki social enterprise, follow the link!


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