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The story of a temporarily displaced family that received help from the Shelter Ukraine initiative

A father and two daughters aged 8 and 15 from Pokrovsk, Donetsk region, arrived in Zolotonosha on April 20. The family doesn’t have a mother because she died six years ago due to bilateral pneumonia. It happened when she was rescuing her daughters, who were suffering from seasonal flu at the time. From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Victor (father) first transported the girls to Dnipro where they lived for two weeks with friends in the apartment but couldn’t sleep. After all, the constant air raid sirens scared the children, so the father was looking for other options.

The family’s friends who had relatives here advised the family to move to Zolotonosha. So the family found shelter in our city. The father and his daughters were helped with utensils, bedding and clothes. The girls attend a pottery workshop, underwent physical rehabilitation courses and go in for sports. There are currently delays in government payments, and the father cannot leave his minor children and find work. Therefore, with the support from ChildFund Deutschland, the Shelter Ukraine initiative helps the family with foods which is extremely important for the family.

Help Ukrainian civilians with the Shelter Ukraine:


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