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Study tour to Chernivtsi

On July 21-23 was study tour on social entrepreneurship to Chernivtsi. Together with current and future social entrepreneurs of Donetsk, Luhansk, southern Zaporizhia regions, as well as the city of Henichesk, we got acquainted with the experience of successful impact businesses in this city.

We met the founders of the following companies:

• Social cafe

• Social store Do rechi

• Kraft Hub FortelUA

• Papa Papa Karlo

And also attended trainings on extremely important topics for all social entrepreneurs:

• Building a model of social entrepreneurship

• Legislation. State regulation

• Financial management

• Marketing

• Risk management

The study tour was organized in cooperation with SILab Ukraine and the USAID Economic Support for Eastern Ukraine Project. They returned home full of new ideas, knowledge and charged to create positive changes in Ukraine!


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