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Shelter Ukraine in Zolotonosha

🇺🇦 Shelter Ukraine in Zolotonosha

During wartime, Zolotonosha Center for Social Services, located in the Cherkasy region, has maintained the focus on the main activity - helping vulnerable groups. The difference is that the number of people in need has increased. Many elderly people were left alone, and their children left. Therefore, they need support with medicines, food and so on. The difficulty is that people, even those with money, cannot buy the necessary bandage materials and basic medicines 👀

🎯 With our help provided be project "Shelter Ukraine", the Center purchased food for the social canteen, hygiene products, medical and dressing materials for palliative patients and IDPs, and detergents for the laundry centre and hairdressing.

Nelina Liudmyla Tyborivna, the director of the Center, told us about the stories of the people who impressed her the most since many people from Kharkiv and the suburbs of Kyiv, where active hostilities are taking place, stay in Zolotonosha.We are now taking care of 520 people on a permanent basis, including 36 people with limited mobility.

🔹 «I remember the family from Kharkiv very well. The grandmother came with her grandson, they were waiting for the boy's mother, who was on a business trip when the war began. The grandmother has diabetes and could not live in a school gym: she needed hot food and timely intake of insulin, which requires a refrigerator to store. So we housed them in our inpatient department.

The family has now reunited and is in Germany, where the mother has continued to work for an international company. And the grandmother volunteers for the Red Cross and collects the necessary humanitarian aid for Zolotonosha. She says that our centre has become a real refuge for her».

🔹 «We were also very impressed by another family from Kharkiv, who arrived in a car with broken glass. There were 9 people in the car: 5 adults and 4 children. They say that they miraculously managed to reach us. They decided to stay with us. The whole community became very involved in their history: they found a house for temporary residence, and local craftsmen helped with car repairs. Everyone helps with clothes, and with food for a 7-month-old baby, and with other things».

🔹 «One Zolotonosha family of pensioners sheltered two grandmothers from Irpen. One has Alzheimer's disease, the other is paralyzed. Employees of the centre bring them food every day, carry out anti-decubitus measures, etc».

The community is very united in this difficult time for the country: they help each other and people who have been forced to leave their homes. That is why such additional support for vulnerable groups is very important for them now. It supports our faith in peace and victory 💙💛


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