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Shelter Ukraine in action

In peacetime, the NGO "Center for Medical Innovation" in Lutsk focused on finding and developing innovative startups in the field of medicine. With the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the team on the basis of the organization opened a Center for Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons, which has 284 sleeping places. Currently, about 130 people live in shelters on a permanent basis. The project is implemented within the framework of the Shelter Ukraine program, which supports initiatives that create, arrange and support shelters for internally displaced persons, providing their residents with basic necessities.

“During the month of work, we managed to help more than 1,000 refugees, two hundred of whom are children of all ages. In cooperation with the Korsaki Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art, we involve young people and children in art therapy and spending time together” — Tetyana Repnytska, the Center's director.

In general, the Center constantly conducts various trainings and not only for children. Here you can take courses in tactical medicine, get legal advice and psychological assistance. With the help of the Shelter Ukraine program, residents of the shelter receive three meals a day.


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