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Shelter Ukraine: assisting migrants in the Zhytomyr region

🇺🇦 Shelter Ukraine: assisting migrants in the Zhytomyr region

Since 2006, the NGO «Novohrad-Volynskyi Network of Educational Institutions» has been involved in the development of local educational institutions. They started with the replacement of windows and roofs, but then expanded into the environmental direction (revival of drinking water sources, energy efficiency in educational and cultural institutions), as well as organized many activities on healthy lifestyles, gender issues, HIV / AIDS prevention.

With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, they changed their direction and started to support internally displaced persons: they organized humanitarian aid centres, distributed clothing, food kits and hygiene items to those who have lost their homes and now live in shelters of their city 💡

🎯 As part of the Shelter Ukraine project, the NGO «Novohrad-Volynskyi Network of Educational Institutions» purchased the essentials - food and hygiene products.

As of April 5, 2022, 1250 displaced persons were registered in the city. Most of them came from the northern parts of Kyiv and the Zhytomyr region.

🔹 Anzhelika works as a deputy principal at a local school. Now there is a humanitarian aid centre. «The first week was difficult, we couldn't believe it was happening, we were even dizzy. I don't think I remember it well. But now we are all mobilized, involved in work and it helps to distract us. We know that we are doing everything we can to win and it helps to continue living. In addition, we have a military town, and most of the residents are from military families. My son is now in the east, while I am helping other people here, and I hope that someone will help him there if needed».

«I remember the first people who came to us, they were from Borodianka district, and the woman came here in her pyjamas. Her house burned down, and she had only the clothes she wore. And that is how she arrived. And now I am most horrified by the stories of people from the Podilsk district villages, which are located right on the border with Belarus. Now they have nowhere to return, their villages have been razed to the ground. But you know what is the worst? These people lived very poor, they did not have any expensive things, but they were also broken into their houses and robbed: occupants took irons, some small things. It's one thing to read about it in the news and it's another to hear it from people's stories».

🔹 Ihor, a local businessman, set up a shelter on his own premises. Now he has 19 people from one village. When asked about the difficulties in the work, he said: «Difficulties? What are our difficulties? You should hear the stories of these people. We are fine. We can help and will do as much as possible. You better tell people that I'm finishing the renovation and will be able to accommodate even more people in another room. There is a shower and a toilet, they will be at home. The only bad thing is that the weather has worsened, and the arrived children can't play outside».

🔹 Kateryna is a resident of Rahivka, Kyiv region. She and her fellow villagers decided to flee because their village was occupied, the Russian military went from house to house, took everything out, destroyed everything - it was very scary. They gathered after other residents had explored the road - they went through the woods, then they were taken away on horseback, then by car. Kateryna says that they are well in the shelter: there is food, and a place to sleep, Ihor gave the men a job at the sawmill, but her soul hurts a lot for the house and the cattle they left behind. Therefore, they hope to return in a couple of weeks.

We thank the team for their dedicated work, dealing with the war realities and helping Ukrainians. You prove that Ukrainians have a unique strength, which will definitely be one of the reasons for our victory! 🇺🇦🙏🏼


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