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Incubator graduates: from idea to full-fledged launch of a social enterprise

Today, almost 15,000 young people live in the Okhtyrka community and more than 1,200 IDPs are officially registered. Although the local youth center creates some opportunities for these people, its resources are only 2% sufficient.

Most young people living in the city do not have access to quality education or even space for communication and development. However, the participants of our express online incubator held this spring have found a solution and have already tested it in partnership with a powerful partner.

Meet the social enterprise New Bristol, a coffee shop in the youth center.

The social goal of the enterprise is to increase the number of activities for youth development and provide them with various trainings and space for creativity and development. The team plans to allocate half of the profits to achieve their goal!

During the incubation program, the team showed not only their ambitions but also their desire to learn and improve business processes, which were planned before the start of the incubator. Together with experts and a mentor, the New Bristol team overcame a difficult path of transformation and adaptation of an existing business idea into a full-fledged social enterprise.

On May 27, the coffee shop will be fully launched, and if you are in the city of Okhtyrka, we invite you to visit the establishment to support the newly created social enterprise. Remember, everyone who buys even one cup of coffee in this café will contribute to the development of the local community.

"SILab has fully shaped our idea that we wanted to realize. We squeezed 100% of the profit out of the incubator workshops, and the mentor helped us develop a broad financial model, finalized the design of the institution, visuals, marketing, identified a unique selling proposition, and gained confidence that if we fail to get financial support after the incubator, we will definitely launch anyway.
Therefore, having a ready-made and working model (MVP), we decided to launch. The best fit was a partnership with the Red Cross, where we helped organize the event and offered catering services to the citizens who attended the event. Even the mayor of the city and the chief representative of the Red Cross organization in Ukraine drank our cocktails!" - co-founder of New Bristol coffee shop, Vladyslav.

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