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Express Online Incubator

😎 SILab Ukraine and partners launch an express online incubator ⠀

SILab Ukraine and the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund, with the support of the 1to4 Foundation (Switzerland), are launching an express online incubator for the creation and development of social enterprises. Selected graduates will have the opportunity to receive social investments in the form of smart grants from 2,000 to 10,000 euros! 🥳

⏰ June 07-29, 2022

💡 Who can participate? The incubation program is designed for initiative groups or registered organizations that have a clear idea of creating a social business or have been testing it for six months. Up to 20 teams will be selected to participate in the program.

The main criteria for selecting participants are:

• the presence of a clear idea or plan to create a social enterprise

• the presence of a team (minimum of two people who will participate in the program)

• relevance of the planned activity to the challenges of our time

• the presence of initial sales or testing of the product/service

• the availability of a vision for the main channels of product/service distribution

• realism in implementing the idea

• ability to attend online sessions (100%)

Participants who have:

• previous experience in entrepreneurial activities

• experience in implementing social initiatives aimed at solving specific social problems in the community will receive additional points. ⠀

👉🏼 Learning format:

• seven three-hour online lecture sessions

• weekly individual online consultations for teams with mentors and experts

• completion of homework assignments aimed at preparing business plans for social enterprises after each session

• presentation of the developed business plan during the final pitch session ⠀

📍 Participation conditions:

• each enterprise must be represented by a team of at least two people who participate in the program on a permanent basis

• confirmation of readiness by all team members to attend 100% of the sessions and complete homework assignments.


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