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Hello! My name is Andrii Ivchatov.
I'm a social entrepreneur!


My wife Tetiana is an international master of sports in acrobatics, candidate of sciences in rehabilitation with two years of experience working in Chinese clinics and author of her own rehabilitation methodology. I have always envied her in a good way: when she works with children, parents always, apart from the financial reward, express great gratitude to her. During my years of professional activity in the financial sphere, I have never encountered situations of sincere gratitude for a signed contract. The issue of the usefulness of my work has become important. Therefore, in 2016, after the birth of our 3rd child, we decided to do something together — to create a network of fitness centers for children with cerebral palsy. My Ironman experience and our shared drive to win keeps us focused on a core business metric: the number of children who no longer need our services should continue to grow.

Who we are


Our activities


Samotuzhka is the first fitness center in Kyiv for children with limited mobility.

We work so that every child with cerebral palsy experiences the joy of free movement.

Samotuzhka is a place where the attention of instructors is directed to the development of maximum independence skills in children with any limited mobility.


The center provides special assistance to children who were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, muscular hypotonia, hydrocephalus, spinal diseases, and other diseases that suppress the function of the musculoskeletal system.


Samotuzka provides professional assistance to mothers with premature babies, as well as to all babies who need physical therapy and massages.

The main areas of work of the Center "Samotuzhka":

  • physical therapy, gymnastics for joints

  • specialized massages

  • development of fine motor skills

  • restoration of language functions.


 We combine the concept of a fitness center and a rehabilitation center: parents independently choose a set of daily activities for their children to restore motor functions, and they can also use the services of qualified child care.

Kyiv, Ukraine


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Адреси центрів у Києві: 
Академіка Єфремова 8А 
Харківське шосе 19Б 
Межова 23 

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