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Shelter Ukraine in partnership with Razom For Ukraine

Nikopol Charitable Foundation "New Life" has many years of experience in charity. For more than 12 years, the team has been helping and supporting people from vulnerable groups of the population who found themselves in difficult life circumstances. People in need have the opportunity to receive daily free meals in the foundation's canteen, humanitarian and charitable aid, legal, medical and social services, and spiritual and psychological support.

They provide assistance not only to adults from crisis families but also to children from these families. For this purpose, they have a children's room, where they provide comprehensive assistance to children. Today, the fund also helps internally displaced people from places of active hostilities

As part of the Shelter Ukraine initiative, implemented in cooperation with Razom For Ukraine, the foundation's team and SILab Ukraine purchased food products and formed 182 product kits. The Foundation provided humanitarian aid to people from vulnerable categories of the population of Nikopol and the Nikopol district who suffered from the consequences of hostilities, among them are 47 women, 13 men and 32 children. The charitable funds were also used to help internally displaced persons in the majority of Kharkiv, Kherson and Donetsk regions, namely 80 women, 50 men and 63 children.

We managed to talk to Olesia and Yevhen, who left Kharkiv and received help from the Foundation «New Life». Unfortunately, the story they have shared is familiar to many Ukrainians. But we are very happy that this family and many others are safe now and can get the most necessary things thanks to the Shelter Ukraine initiative.

"We were bombed and bombed there, my mother was bombed, our apartment was bombed. Later, we came and, thank God, found my wounded father. He was not killed. After that, we decided to leave because we thought that soon we would die. My father has stayed there and he is still there. He said he would not go because he was old and wounded. Therefore, we came here since my grandfather lives in this place. What do we plan to do? To stay here. There was a moment when there were no shootings and we even considered various options of what to do. But then it started again and we decided to stay anyway. Thank you, it's so important that there are people who help. Truly, thank you

Vasyl Dmytrovych also received help from the Foundation «New Life»: «We are waiting for one thing - to return home. And we will see what’s next. There is almost no village left, they ruined it. Right now, we live here in Nikopol, in a hostel. The conditions here are good. Humanitarian aid is provided, there is something to eat, and it's good. I think we will survive." To listen to other stories of Ukrainians affected by the war, watch the video.

Spread the information so that people remember Ukraine and Ukrainians. After all, we see less and less attention from the international media and we must have an impact on this. The more likes and dislikes such posts have, the more people read and remember them, and help us. Together to victory!


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