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Online Demo Day 2023

On April 13th at 14:00 CET, the Online Demo Day of social start-ups will take place! During the event, more than 20 teams will present their business ideas and solutions aimed at solving social, cultural, economic, and environmental problems.

Join in to learn more about new ideas of social enterprises, support the incubator participants, and understand the format of quality presentation of your own business idea.

April 13, 2023 at 14:00 CET (the event language is Ukrainian with an English translator).

The Online Demo Day is the final stage of our incubation program for creating and developing social enterprises, which has been running since March 9th. The express online incubator covered all the crucial topics for novice social entrepreneurs and provided necessary mentorship support.

Our partners from Ukrainian and international organizations will join the event, and they will form a selective committee that will choose up to 5 teams for further collaboration with the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund based on their participation in the program and presentation of their social enterprise. These teams will have the opportunity to receive up to 7,000 euros of financial support for launching and developing their enterprises.

The financial support will be provided in the form of smart grants from the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund and within the "Collaborate for Impact" project, which is implemented thanks to the financial support of the European Union and cooperation with EVPA.


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