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NGO "Namysto Druziv" — SELab alumnus

Assistance to SELab graduates does not end after the program is completed. We monitor the success of our social entrepreneurs, answer questions that arise in the new stages of business development, and create a community where everyone shares experiences. Also, we are always proud to tell about each of them.

Natalia Grigoryan is the Head of the NGO "Namysto Druziv", as well as the initiator of the Inclusive Pottery "Svit Nadii" on the basis of the NGO in Mykolayiv, where young people with intellectual disabilities undergo occupational therapy and have the opportunity to communicate and adapt to society. Also on the basis of the NGO "Namysto Druziv" there is an opportunity to teach young people to work with computers.

The inclusive workshop was opened in October 2020 in Mykolayiv with the support of the Nechitaylo Family Foundation and the Dobrota i Doverie Foundation. It is designed to help children with disabilities to socialize, acquire skills, find and pump their creativity. Clay modeling also develops such important skills as the ability to concentrate and patience. The team of the NGO "Namysto Druziv" organizes pottery master classes for everyone, the withdrawn funds help to pay for the premises for pottery, materials, as well as accelerate the development of the workshop.

The team has the following plans for the future:

1. make repairs in the second room, where the stove and rack will be placed.

2. create and launch a workshop studio website

3. attract resources to purchase a compressor for the airbrush

4. organize a charity exhibition-sale of pottery.

You can support the team of the NGO "Namysto Druziv" by purchasing products made in pottery. But if you are in Mykolayiv, we recommend attending their master classes to not only learn to work with clay, but also to get wonderful emotions from the process.


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