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Klein — modern Inclusive Child Health Development Center

Klein is a modern Inclusive Child Health Development Center located in Rivne. At the same time, Klein is a social result-oriented organization. The development center team is a graduate of our SELab acceleration program. The main activity of the center is the development of children, including those with special needs.

The peculiarity of the Klein Development Center is that some children whose parents can pay for classes are paid, and a child of socially disadvantaged groups can attend classes absolutely free of charge. Throughout May 2021, the center cared for 10 children, including 4 children from a boarding school who received free therapy.

“We embody true inclusiveness, because all the students in our center work together - on equal terms. If the groups expand, our center will be able to increase the number of free places to provide services to families from socially vulnerable categories. This is the main goal of social entrepreneurship ”- Klein's team on how they will be their social business.

The development center has a team of qualified professionals who know exactly how to approach each child.

Among them are:

• psychologist;

• speech therapist;

• music director;

• rehabilitation specialist;

• English teacher.

The center also has a dark sensory room, which helps children with special needs to feel safe. Classes in this room help to stimulate the brain, and as a result - new skills and feelings are formed. Such therapy is useful for all children without exception, because it helps to correct behavior and reaction to the environment.

The Klein team overcame a difficult and incredibly interesting path, creating a center, but now they prove in their experience that the main thing is to go to the goal. Develop and implement your plans.

If you are in Rivne or have acquaintances with young children, we invite you to attend several classes at the Klein Child Health Development Center. In this way, you will not only help the development of your or friends' kids, but also help the team develop and provide more free places to children of vulnerable groups.


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