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Webinar 26.03: Impact Investments in the Banking Capital System

SILab Ukraine invites you to the webinar "Banks Across the Spectrum of Capital", organized by international partner Impact Europe. The webinar will take place on March 26 at 10:00 AM Kyiv time. Our speaker is Maha Keramane, the Head of Impact Investing at BNP Paribas.

During this webinar, you will discover how BNP Paribas is building a social impact ecosystem within the European banking network and explore the best opportunities for banks to engage in impact financing. You will also hear about BNP Paribas's experience with social impact bonds and their role in advancing this area in France.

About the expert: Maha Keramane has been with BNP Paribas since 2006, starting as a risk manager after gaining extensive experience in microfinance at the World Bank and export finance in Brazil. She has also worked at Deloitte. Since 2012, Maha has been leading the social business and microfinance department, where she crafted a strategy to financially support social enterprises. She developed and structured France's first social impact bonds for Adie, a company dedicated to job creation in rural areas.

In 2020, she launched a fund supporting investments in impact bonds across the EU. Maha also heads the Accelerator for Impact Businesses at BNP Paribas and oversees the bank's impact investing initiatives within the bank.

The webinar will be conducted in English.

Please register at:

Join us and learn about the best impact practices in banking for social impact!


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