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Forum on social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility

Yesterday we took part in the last discussions of the two-day Forum on Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility! They successfully closed the event and smiled sincerely, and in their heads: "We did it!" More than 250 people motivated to develop impact business came together in the framework of the Online and Offline Forum in two days! Impressive, right?

For two days we discussed important issues for the development of social business in Ukraine:

• financing

• state support

• opportunities for education

• search for partners

• planning

• communications

• legal aspects

• work with different categories of the population

• ways to measure and increase impact

Two days, more than 35 experts from Ukraine and other countries, more than 250 participants, 16 hours of online broadcast, dozens of new acquaintances, as many written-off pages in notebooks, more than 100 smiling and motivated faces, dozens of social enterprises and advice. Unbelievable!

Thank you, experts, who traveled from different parts of the world and Ukraine! Your experience, knowledge and advice help each of us pay more attention to the little things, plan, prioritize, find partners and see opportunities to increase influence.

Thank you to all the participants who joined us in all possible formats, communicated, exchanged experiences and advice, found new partners and like-minded people, laughed a lot and supported each other!

Thank you to all of you for developing the sphere of social business in Ukraine, creating influence and changing your communities!


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