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Express online incubator

WHAT: Silab Ukraine and the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund are launching an express online incubator to create and develop social enterprises.

WHEN: March 9 - April 13, 2023

WEBINAR: On February 8 at 16:00, we presented the program and answered all questions regarding application submission and participation requirements, as well as opportunities to receive up to 7,000 euros for the development of your social venture. We recommend watching the webinar before submitting an application as it will help improve your proposal.

PARTICIPANTS: The incubation program is designed for initiative groups or registered organizations with a clear idea of creating a social business or piloting one. The enterprise's activity should be carried out in Ukraine. Up to 20 teams will be selected to participate in the program.

Application deadline for incubator participation: February 22, 2023 (23:00)

Submit an application

Main criteria for participant selection: Clear idea or plan of creating a social enterprise Team availability (minimum of two people participating in the program) Significance of social impact Initial sales or testing of product/service Vision of primary product/service distribution channels Realistic implementation of the idea Ability to attend online sessions (100%)

Additional points will be given to participants with:

  • Previous entrepreneurship experience

  • Experience in implementing social initiatives aimed at solving specific social problems in the community

Learning format: Eight 3.5-hour online lectures in Ukrainian Weekly individual online consultations with mentors and experts for teams Completion of homework assignments aimed at preparing business plans for social enterprises after each session Presentation of developed business plans during the final pitch session

On February 08 at 4:00 PM, SILab Ukraine will hold a webinar during which interested participants will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions about the application form and learn about the detailed program and expected results of the Incubation program. Registration for the webinar is mandatory.

Opportunities for financial support for program graduates: Based on the participation of teams in the Incubation program and the business plans presented by them, up to 5 projects will be selected by an independent expert committee to receive financial support of up to 7000 euros for launching their businesses.

Conditions of participation: Each enterprise must be represented by a team of at least two individuals who participate in the program on a regular basis. All team members must demonstrate their commitment to attending 100% of the sessions and completing all homework assignments in full.

Application deadline: February 22, 2023 (23:00)


About the organizers:

SILab Ukraine is an organization created to build an ecosystem for the development of social entrepreneurship and social innovation as tools for shaping a culture of social responsibility in society.

The Ukrainian Social Venture Fund (USVF) was created to invest in and support social enterprises whose business models are based on achieving social, environmental, and economic change.

  • A social enterprise is a representative/operator of the social economy. Its main goal is to achieve social impact, not to generate profit for owners or shareholders.

The activities of such an enterprise are focused primarily on the sale of services or goods to achieve social goals. The term "social enterprise" is used to cover types of businesses that:

• are aimed at the work integration of vulnerable populations

• aim to develop depressed areas

• provide social services

• develop areas such as sports, ecology, and culture.


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