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Digital Labs: social entrepreneurs

The Digital Lab focuses on the theory of change and the social impact assessment. Completing the course of six lectures, you will define what you strive to change in society, write down the steps you should take and measure what you have already achieved.

Experienced social entrepreneurs and impact investors from the EU, UK, and Ukraine will be here for you to help. They will provide an overview of the main theories, share the stories from their practice and answer all of your questions during personal mentoring sessions. Together with your peers from Ukraine, you will exchange ideas and design new tools for work.

Digital Lab consists of six sessions and a graduation party and will take place from 10 November till 10 December. We invite translators: you will communicate with foreign experts fluently.

Carefully study the details, join the Digital Lab, and boost your social business.

  • The theory of change and a wholesome system of impact measurement for your enterprise you will design while working on homework

  • Lectures from social entrepreneurs and impact investors that will provide the understanding of why and how you should measure your social impact: choose impact indicators, collect data, and apply the assessment for management decisions

  • Personal mentor sessions with experts from the EU, UK, and Ukraine where you will get personal advice and an outside perspective on your impact measurement system

  • Printed “Impact measurement toolkit” to use when the Digital Lab is over

  • Printed certificate and access to grants and meetings of the alumni community

More information about the course is here.


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