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10 interesting facts about SILab Ukraine for our Birthday

Today is SILab Ukraine's 4th birthday, and we still can't recover from realizing how much has happened to us during that time. And today, because if not for our birthday, we want to remember what our team has done over these 4 years. Of course, it will not be possible to cover everything, but we will focus on the most interesting - we promise! 😎

1. Although the official date of our birth is December 15, 2017, we held our first International School for Social Entrepreneurs in 2016. In 2018, it became the accelerator for social entrepreneurs SELab, which we try to hold annually.

2. In 2020, SILab Ukraine became one of the co-founders of the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund.

3. In 2021, we became part of a large EVPA project "Partnership for Influence", which focuses on the development of social investment in the Eastern Partnership countries.

4. This year, together with our partners, we held a Forum on Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility in Kharkiv and involved more than 300 experts, social entrepreneurs, representatives of public organizations, corporations and teachers.

5. 16 of our graduates have launched their social enterprises, and another 12 are preparing to launch.

6. From three people, our team has grown to seven, although it is still not much, but believe me, very valuable.

7. Our team joined the creation of Social Entrepreneurship Development Programs in Vinnytsia and Ivano-Frankivsk city territorial communities.

8. SELab training events covered 15 cities of Ukraine, and we can't even list how many more training programs took place online!

9. We have brought together more than 50 experts within the SELab accelerator, where they provide advice to social entrepreneurs on various aspects of business.

10. Our team joined the creation of the guide "50 ideas for creating social enterprises", the manual "Successful practices of cooperation in the field of procurement for services between municipalities and social enterprises". Also, this year we translated the manual "Maximize your impact: a guide for social entrepreneurs."

To be continued! Now you know that we have not wasted time during these four years! 🔥

And Birthday is a great opportunity to thank everyone who has been with us all this time. So, our dear partners, experts and mentors, graduates, thank you for your knowledge, ambitions, expertise, responsibility, humanity, awareness and desire to experiment, test and create new things. Social entrepreneurship is developing, and communities are changing thanks to our joint work!

Thank you 💙


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