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Hello! My name is Yaryna Vyshenska.
I'm a social entrepreneur!

Animation studio "NEED: necessary education"

I am the co-founder of the animation studio "NEED: necessary education". If six months ago, I, a biologist, had been told that I would be passionate about creating an animation studio, I would have been surprised. But scientific and creative approaches, understanding the influence of image and sound, make it possible to create animation that motivates to think, question stereotypes and learn new things. And moreover, it inspires.

Who we are


Our activities


Animation studio "NEED: necessary education" - production of educational animation videos

We turn the learning process into an interesting and exciting experience

Animation studio "NEED: necessary education" specializes in the development of both series and separate educational videos. Our goal is to make knowledge interesting, understandable and to talk about important things in order to destroy stereotypes that are present in the education system and society.


We create educational animated videos on topics relevant to society, and we explain complex information in a simple and interesting way.We promote the use of animation in educational processes and for self-education.


We create high-quality commercial animation that justifies the customer's goals. We create media content to order and in partnership with other companies.

Kyiv, Ukraine


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